The New Fat-Busting Science

Recent discoveries of genes, hormonal imbalances and even viruses apparently have some impact in the ever rising plague of obesity.  Exercising and cutting calories may not be all that helpful.

Can you change your metabolism?

Recent research shows that gaining as little as 11 pounds can slow metabolism, making it more difficult to burn fat.  So the more you gain, the harder it is to loose weight and keep it off.

More fat cells than who?

Fat cells remain a constant number in your body.  Sometime around adolescence your body stops producing new ones.  Although you won’t have any more after adolescence your fat cells can and do increase in size.  Obese people seem to hold more fat in their cells, but the count varies widely from person to person.  When you loose weight the fat cells shrink but their numbers remain constant and are ready and waiting to become stuffed again!

Genetic influences:

FTO  a gene termed ‘fatso’ because it is an obesity promoting gene.  Recent discovering there could be lots of these fat genes but they may not have the effect that the FTO has.  Also of note over 50 percent of the population has two copies of the FTO gene making them 16 percent more likely to be obese.  This genetic predisposition however, doesn’t mean you will be obese but it maybe why it is more difficult to maintain a healthy weight!  But don’t blame it all on the genes!!!

Loose weight while you sleep

Researchers out of Chicago report that lack of sleep can upset hormonal balances and trigger a decrease in leptin and increase ghrelin.  Ghrelin has been shown to trigger your appetite and make you hungry.  It is also known that when you sleep, under normal conditions fat burning mode takes over, but doesn’t even exist if your hormones are out of balance.

My job is making me fat!

When under stressful conditions your stress hormones increase and produce cravings for carbohydrates.  But here is the catch, it also triggers rapid-storage of those carbs into fat cells, putting you in fat making mode.

A Virus can make me fat

Recent studies have revealed an adenovirus-36 which appears to actually increase the number of fat cells in your body and obese people are more likely to harbor this virus in their fat cells than their counter parts, major disadvantage.

Sweets aren’t really addictive…are they?

It may have something to do with dopamine, the sweet hormone linked to pleasure.  When participants of an experiment were shown names of foods they really liked their brains got excited in the same parts as associated with drug addicts.

What about those antioxidants?

Free radicals have now been shown to damage those cells that tell us when were full, plus a whole lot more creating an environment of ill health.

4 basic rules to healthy eating…

Consume a limited amount of carbs in the form of whole grains and fiber

No trans fats and easy on the saturated, butter is way better than margarine

Lean protein only please

Get full on fruits and vegetables, no one has been known to overdose on this stuff, nor gain weight for that matter


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