mushroomsGenerally thought of as a gourmet treat but they have other healthy things to boast too!  The most often seen type of mushroom in the grocery is what is known as the ‘button’ mushroom, you can always find those and they are generally less expensive than the more exotic mushrooms.  Below is a list of what types are available and boost your immune system:


Research from the HNR-CA Nutritional Immunology Laboratory has demonstrated that the white button mushrooms enhance the maturity of dendritic cells from bone marrow and boost the immune system as well.


(Ceanothus sp.) Not a lot of science on this one but herbalist favor the redroot for preventing and healing infections.  It is thought to help clear out dead cellular matter from the lymphatic system


(Cordyceps sinensis) This one enhances your immunity by increasing the helper T-cells and functions to help the spleen promote regeneration of its tissues


(Grifola frondosa) Maitake is considered to be the most powerful and best absorbed of the medicinal mushrooms.  They help to stimulate the production of the interleukin cells that participate in your immune response plus Maitakes will increase production of the NK (natural killer) cells and macrophages (cells that engulf bacteria)


(Lentinula edodes) This mushroom increases T-cells, interferon and macrophages and has been used as an injectable anti-tumor drug!


(Ganoderma lucidum) Reishi mushrooms contain antiviral properties and help to improve the function of all systems of the body


It is not difficult to find these mushrooms in health food stores in capsule form of course and you can sometimes get the benefit of a blend all within one capsule.  But, on the other hand using mushrooms in cooking offers the most pleasant and tasteful way of incorporating the many health benefits they offer!


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